Erin Erceg

Erin Erceg

Erin Erceg is lead training associate for the Friendly Schools initiative with Hawker Brownlow Professional Learning Solutions (HBPLS). She is one of the primary authors of the Friendly Schools suite of resources and has been directly involved in the research supporting this initiative since it began in 1999.

Having spent 12 years with the Child Health Promotion Research Centre at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia, Erin is an expert on the management and prevention of aggression and bullying among young people. She has also worked as a teacher in both primary and secondary school classes, as a development officer for rural health and wellbeing programs, and as a consultant on community building and suicide prevention.

Areas of research to which Erin has contributed include the following:

  • capacity building for intervention in schools
  • secondary school transition factors
  • cyberbullying and its effects
  • bullying reduction among Aboriginal children
  • engaging parents within the whole-school environment
  • the self-esteem and resilience of young people