Fiona Forman

Fiona Forman

Fiona Forman is an author and a primary school teacher from Dublin, Ireland, with over 30 years of classroom experience at all levels. She holds an M. Sc. in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from The University of East London.

Fiona is passionate about placing well-being at the heart of education. She delivers in-service teacher-training, seminars and parent talks on this topic. Fiona believes strongly in the power and potential of the education system to equip our children with the skills they need to become resilient and to flourish in life.

Fiona is the co-author of Weaving Well-Being, an international multi-level Positive Education program for primary school students. She is also the author of Wired for Well-Being, a program for secondary level students which is based on neuroscience and Positive Psychology.

Fiona is a regular media contributor on well-being in schools and loves sharing her practical experience, expertise and insights with other educators and parents.


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Melbourne Monday 25 May 2020 Raising Resilient Children: Approaches from Positive Psychology
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