Sonny Magaña

Sonny Magaña

Sonny Magaña is associate vice president of Marzano Research Laboratory and director of the Educational Technology Division. He works with teams of teachers and leaders to support, enhance, and expand powerful instructional strategies with technology.

Sonny has served in public education for nearly 30 years as a teacher, principal, district administrator, and state technology projects director. He has authored numerous papers and research studies focused on integrating technology into curricula, instruction, and assessment to improve student engagement and achievement.

Sonny created and was director of Washington’s first CyberSchool, a highly successful alternative learning program that continues to meet the needs of students at risk in the Mukilteo School District in Washington State.

The Milken Family Foundation honored Sonny with the 1997 Milken National Educator Award for his work in advancing student learning with technology in the state of Washington. He also received the Governor’s Commendation for Distinguished Achievement in Education in 1998.

Sonny received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Stockton State College and a master’s degree in education technology from City University. He is currently pursuing an education doctorate degree at Seattle University.